Guess what we did today?! We tried our hand at radio! I know right? No way! Granted it wasn’t a live show, it was still our first radio experience ever. Spoiler alert: We won’t be pursuing careers in radio anytime soon.

KFAI Radio

At the beginning of the week I got an email from Sabrina Crews at KFAI for an interview on a piece about going vegan. Well of course I thought the piece sounded great and Sean and I both felt honored to even be contacted about it. Then before I knew it we had a meeting setup and I was looking at a list of questions to go over during the interview. Crazy right?! As the week unfolded we learned that Unny Nambudiripad from CAA was interviewed too then today we found out Dallas Rising from ARC was interviewed too. Wow! These are two people we deeply respect and look-up to so the pressure was on.

So today we went to the studio. We finally met Sabrina, a new vegan, in person. We went on a tour of the studio then squeezed into a little room to record. This morning Sean and I typed up a quick cheat sheet of answers in case we were flustered, but we couldn’t have any papers rustling in the background so it was too hard to hold onto them. Neither of us have strong speaking skills and we were sharing this microphone that we were both supposed to be one inch away from so that probably added to our awkwardness. It was still really fun and exciting to be part of such a neat piece.

So for kicks here is our cheat sheet so you can see how different it was when we tried to speak it.

1)             Introductions: Who you are, what you do, and a brief description of your organization

  • Sean – Engineer
  • Genevieve – Full-Time Marketing Communications Student
  • We run the website

2)             Your reasons for becoming a vegan, and benefits for those who adapt the lifestyle

  • Genevieve – Read skinny bitch after my friends read it to lose weight for the wedding. Was vegan for 6 months, then vegan inside the house vegetarian outside the house, then vegan 6 days a week, all kinds of weird things. Started being drawn to animal rights and was able to commit to veganism for ethical reasons.
  • Sean – Was forced by Genevieve to do a 1 month vegan macrobiotics challenge a year and a half after she started going vegan. Lost 30lbs and committed to being vegan in the house. Later committed to be an ethical vegan with Genevieve.
  • Benefits: Much better health. Happiness from knowing you are helping animals and the world. A sense of living a life of purpose.

3)             Local resources you’d recommend to new vegans

  • Local vegan blogs. When you follow vegan blogs in your area you learn about where vegans are shopping, what and where they’re eating, what events they’re going to, and how they’re connecting with other vegans. They can be used as unofficial vegan mentors in a sense because you can tweet them, leave comments and questions on their blog, connect with the blogger and blog followers on facebook.
  • Finding local vegans in person through Compassionate Action for Animals dine-outs and Animal Rights Coalition’s meetup group. It can be isolating to only have online vegan friends. Eating at new restaurants with other vegans, watching how they interact with non-vegans, how they order food is incredibly valuable. Being able to hang out with other vegans and not having to worry about what is in all of the potluck dishes is refreshing. Being able to talk about favorite products and ask advice is amazing.
  • Documentaries and book can help you educate yourself so you can answer questions and in some cases defend your new lifestyle choices.

4)             Popular misconceptions about veganism

  • Calcium & protein – When people find out you‘re a vegan they instantly feel like they have the highest education in nutrition. They tell you all about how you can only get calcium from drinking milk. They don’t know that animal products make your body acidic which leeches calcium from your bones. They don’t know that the only tribe in Africa that is greatly affected by osteoporosis is the tribe that drinks cow milk. They don’t know that vegetables such as kale and broccoli are rich with calcium. The other one is protein. Non-vegans will constantly tell you that you cannot get complete protein unless you eat animal. They forget that animals like horses, oxen, gorillas, rhinos, and elephants are all vegans. They get their protein somewhere. When you are eating animals like cows and chickens you are just getting recycled planted-based protein. It’s better to cut out the middle man.
  • Being vegan is too expensive – Being vegan actually saves us money and we eat pretty extravagantly. Animal products are so much more expensive than beans, grains, and veggies.
  • I can’t go vegan because I love ___. You can veganize anything. You can eat all of the same stuff, just the vegan version. Vegans don’t miss out on anything.

5)             Key tips/words of wisdom for new vegans

  • Don’t feel like you can’t have something. You can have anything you want; you just choose to have the vegan version. Eat vegan ice cream, grill vegan burgers and hot dogs, and make vegan pigs in a blanket. Google vegan (your favorite meal) to learn how to make it vegan.

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  1. Jennifer Johnson Nowatzki March 4, 2013 10:19 PM Reply

    cool! Great answers! Didn’t listen but I like the cheat sheet

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